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Welcome to the “What’s in my Head Podcast” My name is Julian and I am your host! Talking any and everything from animation, comics books and any and everything in the pop culture universe!

Cartoons, Anime, Comics, and more..

Do you love cartoons? Or maybe you like Japanese Anime? Whatever you like, be it Cartoons, Comics, or even Anime; We’ll have a related podcast episode for you. Tune in to get an inside perspective into some of your favorite pop culture shows & movies.

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Here’s the latest episode on the podcast. Be sure to check it out and tell us what you think!

Primal Storyboard artist for “Plague of Madness” David Krentz

This week I sit down with the “Plague of Madness” storyboard artist from Primal, David Krentz. This one was a blast! David loves what he does and it shows throughout the entire conversation. We talk dinosaurs, san diego comic con, the emmys and so much more!

Who's been on the podcast?

We’ve had a lot of guests from many different walks of the pop culture life. From the animators of your favorite Disney movies, to voice actors of your favorite dubbed anime. Here are a couple of the most recent guests, just to name a few.

David Krentz
Carey Yost
Whitney Martin

We’ve got a bunch more guests for you to enjoy. Browse through our list and tell us who you’d like to see next.

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