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The “What’s in my head Podcast” started in 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The plan initially revolved around the ninja turtles. We still have some “turtles tapes” emails. We eventually transitioned to animation. We thought about using “the voices of your childhood” as a name. However, Julian’s wife suggested “what’s in my head” since Julian goes on tangents a lot.


Julian Hester

Julian is your Host, a Professional Chef, and father of 3. Among animation, his interests include cooking, basketball, and more. As the host, we’ll be interviewing various guests from your childhood. Asking them about how your favorite shows were made.


Larry Jennings II

I’m the “Guy in the chair”. I handle a lot of the technical stuff. Including video editing, sending random memes, graphic creation, and website creation. I also like to dump loads of bad ideas on Julian. 

We’re a two-man team. We’ve known each other since high school, when we played basketball together. I dunked on him a lot.

Maybe that happened, maybe not. But I’m the Web Guy, so It might take him a bit of time to remove this 😀 

We’re not exactly famous, but we’ve had some pretty cool guests on. We hope you enjoy the podcast.

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