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Whitney Martin

Whitney Martin

Whitney Martin kicked off his career in animation via Disney’s Feature Animation. He’s storyboarded for some of the biggest Disney Movies of all time. Before jumping over to Prime Time Television with Fox on King of the Hill, he was lending his talents to Disney Films like Hercules, Mulan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. After leaving King of the Hill, Whitney joined the Fire Department and became a full-fledged Fire Fighter. He’s currently working on The Simpsons.

King of the Hill Storyboard Artist Whitney Martin!

July 23, 2023
This week I sit down with veteran storyboard artist, Whitney Martin. In this episode we chat about how he went from Disney Feature animation to King of the Hill. We talk about his favorite moments working on episodes like Tankin’ in to the Streets, what it was like working at Film Roman and so much more. We also discuss Whitney Becoming a firefighter and then coming back to animation where he is currently working on the Simpsons.
King of the Hill Storyboard Artist Whitney Martin

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